In 1990, a group of carers who used the Lansdowne Centre at Intake as a meeting place, discovered it was due to close.

They rallied round and formed a committee to organise a plan that would save the Lansdowne from closure and put pressure on the local authority to recognise and support carers living in Doncaster.

To show their determination and commitment they agreed to squat in the centre two days a week, began fund raising, held carers awareness days and held a conference.

Their efforts paid off and on 1 April 1 1993, they became a registered charity called PEACE – Partnership to Enhance All Carers Existence.

The local authority agreed to fund:

In the proceeding years, it became apparent that more services were needed to support carers, so the local authority agreed to further fund a service for Young Carers and a service for adults supporting adults - this was known as the Home Visiting Service.

 In 1998, the organisation changed its name from:

PEACE – Partnership to Enhance All Carers Existence


Doncaster Partnership for Carers (DPfC)

Since this time we have gone from strength to strength, providing a variety of services for Carers.









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